Our team’s aim is to create and innovate the best CS:GO hacks possible for everyone on the net! Everyone on our team has several years of personal play time between them. One of the first things we did as a group before we got into the CS:GO hacking scene was using other peoples mods to introduce crazy new dimensions to the game to keep it interesting. We decided, as we starting to get into hacking other games, that we should build a set of mods that are easy to use for CS:GO as well. This is what led us to creating an online release of popular mods that everyone loves to use in the game!

Our specially designed antidetection software focuses on keeping your tools totally untraceable to steams cheat detection software. The only thing our users have to watch for while using our tools is abuse of some of the game mods like invincibility or unlimited rounds that may be noticeable if played back by a moderator. We believe that overall, our tools are the easiest to access and use on the internet!

We have thousands of combined hours testing out our hacks with our own accounts. We have never had an issue while testing out all of our CS:GO hacks while testing them out. Because of the ease of use involved in our current setup, it only takes a minute or so set up from start to game! This was the biggest goal in our campaign, and we hope you find it a success too!